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An Elite Suit Advantage



It's really as simple as that. The plan is that if we can sell a better suit for a lower price then people will queue up to buy one. We genuinely believe that our suits are far better than anything you can buy in a department store or clothing shop. I've done the research so I know our prices are around half (and sometimes far less) than what you would pay at either of those places for a suit of lesser quality. Even our budget range is a far better suit than what you can buy at the discount clothing chain stores and our price is still lower. 

So I ask that you put your natural cynicism aside for a minute, look at the comparison below and ask yourself which suit you would prefer to own.



 Store Bought Suits


 Elite Suits



Canvas - The part that gives the jacket the shape and allows to wrap around the body



Fused canvas where the suits basically glued together with a vegetable gum based substance



Most Elite Suits are built around a full floating canvas which is the basis of a proper custom tailored suits






Whatever is on the rack



Full custom design for every customer. Have your suit the way you like it






Customer is supposed to be the right size for the suit. Rarely works in real life and mostly results in an ill-fitting suit



Each Elite Suit is custom made to fit the customers measurements. Accordingly it sits on the body far better and looks like a properly fitted suit should






Usually lower grade of unknown origin and customer has very little choice of the type of fabric, colour or pattern



Mostly Super 120's and 150's of Italian and English origin and even some superfine micro s180's are available on request for that extra special occasion suit. Customer can choose from hundreds of different fabric types patterns and designs to find the one that matches their personality



High End Designer Suit Fabrics



Not Available



Top grade suiting fabrics from the worlds top fashion houses such as Scabel, Dormeuil,,Vitale Barberis Zegna and others are available on request






Jackets are lined and pants are usually lined to the knee - usually with polyester no choice of colour or fabric



Jackets are lined and pants are usually lined to the knee - Customer can choose colour and have a full silk lining on request



Suit construction



Factory made and machine sewn by whoever can do it the cheapest



Hand made by a professional tailor whose family may have been tailors for generations. Bespoke style full hand stitching where machines are use for re-enforcing the seams only is also available






Very little that remotely resembles wool is available for less than $299. A decent suit that you  would wear to a professional office setting retails for between $600 and $1,000 and add a fancy designer label to a factory made suit and you're looking even higher.



Our factory custom made to measure 100% pure suits start for less than $200. These suits look far better than anything you'll buy in a store for under $500. 

Our handmade suits start at $299 we offer a hand made suit in a 100% pure super 120's wool and there's a massive range of designs and top fabrics available for much less than $500. 

For far less than what you'd pay for any decent  off the rack ill fitting suit at our major department stores you can have a bespoke style hand stitched suit and Gentlemen I recommend these highly. You can even have these made from a top grade designer fabric and still have change from a thousand bucks. I say to people that you'll get a better suit for around about half what you'd pay in a store for a suit that's not as good
I think this is what they call a "no-brainer". Superior construction, better fit, higher grade fabrics at around half the price. 




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