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Rockstars & Royalty



It’s more than likely that suit you paid $7,000 for on Savile Row was actually made in China. It’s not really a secret as it really makes a lot of sense. Making a proper bespoke suit is highly labour intensive and may take up to 100 hours in labour alone. It’s also not necessarily something that has to be done on site. What’s the difference if the tailor’s in a workshop in London or a workshop in Shanghai? So tailoring is the perfect service to outsource to where labour rates are cheaper. Furthermore there is a massive shortage of skilled tailors all across the western world.

So a number of centres have been set up across Asia, predominantly China, to make bespoke suits for tailors all across the world. Some tailors just don’t talk about it while others, such as THIS ONE, are quite transparent about where their suits are actually made. This particular service, like the others, not only makes suits for this Savile Row tailors but also others across the world including some in both the USA and Australia. A number of these tailoring services were originally established by Hong Kong tailors who moved their workshops out of the world’s most expensive city into the much less expensive Chinese sea ports such as Shanghai.

Now, Elite Suits is proud to announce that we have formed an alliance with one of Asia’s most prestigious fashion houses. They have agreed to use their vast experience in tailoring and suitmaking to produce world’s best suits for Elite Suit’s customers. As we are an internet based clothing company we cannot make full bespoke suits (regardless of what other internet tailoring services may claim they can do) and instead we produce made to measure garments. Therefore, having such an acclaimed tailor agreeing to make suits for our customers is a real coup and they have only agreed to this alliance under a set on non-negotiable and strict conditions.

So who is this renowned fashion establishment? Unfortunately one of those non-negotiable conditions is that I unable to tell you because we will be selling their suits for about half the price they charge in their own stores. That’s actually not as surprising as you may think. They offer a full bespoke fitting service while we offer the cheaper made to measure, they also have considerable expense of running their stores and paying their staff while we are a very low expense internet only retailer. However many people will find those differences very hard to understand and if they see us selling the same brand suits at less than half the price it will start to affect their sales which will only end up in them having to let us go. So for both our sakes we have agreed to keep our arrangement confidential.

Suffice to say that this is one of the world’s great suitmakers. Each of their tailors has to have at least 10 years experience before they are employed. A Savile Row tailor is contracted as a consultant to supervise each tailors training to ensure they are able to continue to produce suits to the required standard.

While we can’t do full bespoke over the internet we are able to produce suits to a bespoke construction standard. These are the type of suits you would pay anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 (and in some cases even more) at the world’s greatest tailoring houses. World’s best wool direct from the English mills in Yorkshire that have been producing the world’s best wool for over a hundred years and the suit hand stitched in one of the world’s great tailoring houses. A full handmade linen and horsehair canvas imported direct from England is used to provide the basis of the suit. This full length canvass and is hand sewn into the jacket allowing the internals of the jacket to move. The jacket will sit better on the body whilst feeling more comfortable and breathable. This is how a true Savile Row suit is constructed. All trimmings including chest cotton, pads, buttons, buttonhole thread, waistband canvas, clasp, trouser's buckle are all imported from top English manufacturers to ensure only the best quality.

Why Rockstars and Royalty?

The first person to buy one of these “almost bespoke” suits works for a friend of mine. We were discussing his proposed purchase and I said that at the prices suits of this quality are normally sold for they are made for Rockstars and Royalty. While it was a throwaway line it was true. Suits similar to these will sell for well over $5,000 and I know of one Sydney tailor who will charge you around $7,000. If you think I’m exaggerating feel free to go and ask how much a completely handmade suit to this standard would cost. To afford this type of money for a suit you need to have a considerable income. Something like a successful rockstar or perhaps even royalty. Regardless the name stuck and now every time I see him we talk about his “Rockstar” suit. OK it’s a bit of a frivolous name but life’s too short to be overly serious about anything


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