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How to Get the Best Fit


Of course you do. Now I'm going to tell you how to make sure your suit fits fantastically. While this relates mostly to our more expensive hand stitched bespoke style suits it can be used for the less expensive suits as well.

You need to form a relationship with a local tailor. We are currently building a database of tailors who will service Elite Suits customers but until we have that the best way to find a local tailor is to simply go to google and search with these three words - tailor alterations place - (obviously you substitute the name of your city for the word place). If you click on the coloured text you will see that I've done this for Chicago and the search has bought up a number of tailors in the area. It's also bought up some threads in both "Style Forum" and "Ask Andy About Clothes" both of which are excellent forums to find reviews on tailors.

If you go to the first place listed they appear to be a good choice. They have been around since 1965, they also tailor their own suits (which, although significantly more expensive than our prices, are quite reasonable for a store front tailor
) and most importantly consider alterations as an important part of their business. I would go here and offer the tailor $40 to spend half an hour with me to not only do my measurements but discuss my body shape and how the suit should be cut. Take a notepad and a pen and take notes. When I had mine done I put my notes into bullet points and sent them to the tailor who did my measurements and asked him if there was anything I should add. He was kind enough to reply the next day with a couple of added suggestions.

If you do all the above we have enough to make you a great fitting suit however there is one more step that can make it even better. Have some photos taken. Three photos of you in shirtsleeves only (OK and trousers would be good too) one from the front, one from the side and one from the back. This will allow our tailors to see such things as overall body shape, posture and shoulder slope and they can then cut the suit to match those features which will result in an even better fitting suit.

Lastly alterations. It was always my intention that when my suit arrived to take it back to the tailors and have it altered to get that even better fit which would give me a final fit as close as possible to bespoke without actually going to the expense of actual bespoke. I had budgeted $250 for alterations with the thought that I would end up with a suit hand stitched by world class tailors, made from cloth from one of the great fabric makers, that fits like a dream and still have change out of $1,500 for the best package. I can tell you now that when my suit arrived it was so beautiful I didn't know if I should wear it or hang it on the wall as the piece of art it obviously was.

As I had completed all the above steps, the suit fitted straight out of the box so well I nearly gave up on my plan to have it altered. However, I took it back to my tailor and we agreed that all it needed was a very slight nip and tuck to get the jacket to sit a little better over my well developed middle age spread. He charged me $110 for this which included our 10% local tax. So the total cost for my suit was $1249 for the Rockstars & Royalty package, $40 for having my measurements done professionally and $110 for some minor alterations for a grand total of $1,399 for a fully hand stitched suit made from fabric by Holland & Sherry who are one of the most acclaimed suiting fabric manufacturers on the planet.

This was $400 less than the factory made fused canvas suit with the fancy designer label I saw recently at my local department store and really there is just no comparison. I know a local bespoke tailor who would charge you $6,990 for a suit of this standard and that is no exaggeration. Now I also know where in China his suits are cut and stitched (that's right seven grand and they are still cut and stitched in China) and they certainly are also world class quality tailoring. Being actual full bespoke and thus having a number of fittings the end fit will be better but the question is just how much? Will it be $5,500 better? I think you would have to admit that's a big ask?

Even at $3,000, which you will sometimes see bespoke suits being offered for, you have to ask yourself is twice the price worth the possible better fit? There is also the possibility that you're not going to get the same world class tailoring and the suit will more than likely be stitched by machine rather than fully by hand. I can also share with you that in my time in the suiting world I have seen some disgracefully made bespoke suits that customers have paid some amazing amounts for.

With just a little bit of effort and some planning you can get a suit made to world class standard from top grade suiting fabrics such as Dormeuil or Holland & Sherry for under a grand with our Almost Bespoke package. Allow a little bit more for that little nip and tuck and you will end up with something extremely close to a full bespoke suit for a fraction of the price. Add $300 for the full 
Rockstars & Royalty package and you have a suit made to the standard a Savile Row tailor will accept for under $1,500.

Twice the quality at half the cost and the best suit at every price point. That's the Elite Suits promise and once again we have delivered on that.

One last thing. If you do take your suit back for alterations don't be too surprised if the tailor attempts to disparage it. He wants you to buy your next suit from him so naturally some tailors are going to try to convince you that their suits are so much better. Just smile and nod secure in the knowledge that your suit has been made to the standards demanded by the world's best bespoke tailors and rest assured that the tailor knows it too.  

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