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Why do we buy suits from Asia? Because it is possible to get a excellently tailored suit at less than half the price you can buy locally. However the Asian tailoring market is full of traps for the inexperienced buyer. In many cases quality is sacrified for price. So although you may pay less, all you may end up with is a cheap poorly made suit

Nobody knows Asian tailoring like Elite Suits. We have people on the ground all over Asia. This allows us the local knowledge that you'll never learn simply by spending a week in Hong Kong. Those little things that only the locals know such as, how for just a few extra dollars, you can get a much higher quality suit.

We know what tailors have the experience to properly hand canvas a suit jacket. Which tailors have 20 years experience in tailoring trousers. Which tailors have the skills at fitting our bigger western bodies. These little tidbits of knowledge that we have learnt from our years of experience in Asian tailoring.


We\'re not simply commission salesmen for one of the big Asian suit factories. Rather than simply taking your order and farming it off to a factory, we source our own fabrics and use real tailors. This gives us greater control over the quailty of the finished suit. Even our budget range is made by hand rather than machine


We have written a blog post explaining why our suits are better. It's long (very long) and will take you five or ten minutes to read. It explains all you need to know about our suits. It tells you all the things that other suit retailers try to hide about how their suits are made and why they really don't want you to know.

By the end you will understand why our suits are better even though in many cases still cheaper than our competitors. Even if you decide not to buy from us and

instead buy your suit elsewhere, you will have a much better idea what to look for and what to avoid.

To discover why our suits are better CLICK HERETO GO TO OUR BLOG.

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This is a very wordy website. If you\'re looking for somewhere that simply says "Blue Suit - $399" and has lots of pretty pictures then it's possible Elite Suits may not be the website for you.

We belive our customers are far more discerning and want to know as much as possible about the suit they are buying. Accordingly we tell you the important things that others don't. The fabric used, how your suit is canvassed and the method of construction used to make your suit.

We are aware that it's not the greatest website. We are far more interesting in great suits than flashy websites. However we do know it's shortcomings and you can find out the reasons behind it and what we are doing about it by READING THIS.



By sourcing our own fabrics and using the best tailors all over Asia, Elite Suits gives you choices found at no other suit retailer either online, at a shop or even at your local tailor. You are able to choose the quality of the fabric you want.You can choose how you want your suit to be canvassed. You also get to choose the method of construction used to make your suit. This allows you to build the best possible suit that your budget allows.


Ordering is easy. Soon after you purchase the suit we will send you an email with everything you need. However, if you prefer to download the forms in advance of placing your order you can do so HERE.The link also explains the measurement and ordering process in more detail however if you need anything clarified don\'t be afraid to CONTACT US.


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