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I love winter. It allows me dive into my collection of Sports Jackets. A nice well tailored jacket over a pair of jeans shows a sense of style that you rarely see today and guys, I can assure you the girls love it. Put a guy in a tailored jacket next to someone in some cheap piece of rubbish they picked up at some discount store and it no contest as the jacket wins every time.

You can easily spend over a grand on a nice sports jacket or blazer but here is a hand made jacket, custom made to your specifications and measurements and all under $200 with a No Worries Guarantee that your jacket will fit when it arrives. That's amazing value. If you haven't already read this BLOG POST you may find worthwhile to take five minutes to do so. It explains why we believe this to be the best value sports jacket available anywhere and even if decide to buy your new jacket elsewhere, it will make you more informed and allow you a better idea of what you're looking at. However, we believe that once you understand exactly what we are offering here and compare it to what's available elsewhere you will realise just how attractive this offer is.

The fabric was specially selected by our cloth merchant. It's an Italian milled wool blended with both cashmere and silk. it's a nice lightweight luxurious cloth suitable for all year round. As well as the standard blue/black/grey colours, it also comes in a range of patterns that you won't find in stores which allow you to give your jacket that stamp of individuality. This beautiful fabric comes in a great range of colours and patterns which you can see by CLICKING ON THIS TEXT

The thumbnails can be opened into a larger picture with a description. Unfortunately, the true reproduction of colours and patterns are restricted by the limits of both scanners and monitors. It's one of the challenges all online clothing companies face. Don't be afraid to send us a message by using the CONTACT US page, we're always happy to help with fabric selection.

So guys it's time to stop dressing like a teenager and start looking like a grown up. Here's your chance to display a sense of fashion without having to spend a huge sum of money. The pictures above are there to give you an idea on how to style your jacket only. The fabrics are not all available in the Beijing Collection however this is only the starting point of our range of jackets. We can make you almost any jacket you want. You selection is only limited by your budget.


We want you to buy a better jacket at a value for money price or “more bang for your buck” as I like to say often. Most people recognise great value when they see it and the Beijing Collection jackets are the perfect entry level jacket for those who need a jacket or blazer without blowing the budget. So to give you ”even more bang for your buck” and a better jacket, we want to encourage you to invest in a full canvas Jacket.

Having your jacket fully canvassed normally costs around $130. However, to keep he Beijing Collection as the best value jacket available you can buy the full canvas jacket for only $99 extra. A full canvas jacket will prove to be the best $99 you will ever spend. If you're unsure of the difference have a READ OF THIS


We ask you to supply your measurements and we have systems that attempt to identify any errors. Accordingly we may ask you to check your measurements. However, once we accept the measurements for your Beijing Collection jacket  it’s our problem so let me make this perfectly clear.

No matter where in the world you are, if your new Beijing Collection jacket arrives and it doesn’t fit we will arrange to have it altered or replaced at our cost (although we may ask you to post it to an address local to you). It doesn’t matter if the measurements you supplied turn out to be incorrect we will still fix the jacket at our cost.

Unlike some other online suit retailers we are not talking about a $50 alteration refund or a $75 instore voucher. If your jacket doesn’t fit we will pay the full amount to have it altered or arrange for a replacement.

I trust that gives you the confidence to order your new Beijing Collection jacket knowing that in the unlikely event that if a problem does arise it will be fixed at no cost to you. For more information about our "No Worries Guarantee" everything you need to know is explained in great detail HERE.

So here is a jacket custom made to your  specifications and measurements  with a full canvas and hand tailored by not one but two specialists tailors and all under $300 with a No Worries Guarantee  that your new jacket will fit when it arrives. Please, if you believe you know where there is a better value sports jacket or blazer anywhere please send me a message and tell me where. Seriously, I want to know.


Ordering is easy just select the type of canvas you require from the dropdown list below then push the "Buy Now" button. The checkout process will ask for delivery details and you can pay via Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Soon after you purchase the jacket we will send you an email with everything you need. However, if you prefer to download the forms in advance of placing your order you can do so HERE. The link also explains the measurement and ordering process in more detail however if you need anything clarified don't be afraid to CONTACT US.  

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