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There is a timeless beauty to a check suit. Checks, plaids and tweeds have stood the test of time and are once again appearing on the catwalks of Europe as the latest in fashionable wear. Here is a range of checks and plaid with a few striped fabrics in a high quality English suiting fabric. This is a good robust fabric suitable for all season wear. It's a magnificent wool blended with cashmere to give it that extra little bit of softness. It's an extraordinary cloth that feels fantastic and makes a suit that many will envy and comes in a range of absolutely stunning colours and patterns. You can see the range by CLICKING ON THIS TEXT. 

One of my favourite things about winter is being able to wear one of my sports jackets on casual outings. It presents an air of relaxed sophistication unlike any other garment. Guys if you don't have a sports jacket get at least two. Stand next to a guy in a ratty old jumper or even worse, a hoodie, and see how much attention the ladies pay to the man wearing the grown up clothes.

Checks and plaids are perfect for sports jackets and there is a great selection of both here. The real beauty of having your jacket custom made is that the options are limitless. You can choose the traditional English jacket or go for something a little more trendy. If you're prepared to use a little imagination you can find a few fabrics that are a little different to the ordinary and show your personal sense of style on your new jacket.


At Elite Suits we try to convince people to buy a better jacket. A small amount of money can actually save you a lot over the life of your new jacket. Having a jacket fully canvassed is not an extra charge it's an investment. $130 is a small amount to pay for something that will extend the life of your jacket like a proper full canvas. Not only will you get extra wear but the jacket will drape your torso far better and give you that elusive silhouette the Italians call the "bella figura" (or beautiful figure). You will also eliminate the problems that sometimes occur with fused canvas jackets (even the expensive designer jackets regardless of what they try to tell you). Unlike a fused canvas jackey, which begins to deteriorate from the first wear, a fully canvassed one will actually look a tiny bit better each time you wear it as the canvas begins to mould around the body. You can read more about the various form of suit canvassing HERE


We ask you to supply your measurements and we have systems that attempt to identify any errors. Accordingly we may ask you to check your measurements. However, once we accept the measurements for your new jacket it’s our problem so let me make this perfectly clear.

No matter where in the world you are, if your new jacket arrives and it doesn’t fit we will arrange to have it altered or replaced at our cost (although we may ask you to post it to an address local to you). It doesn’t matter if the measurements you supplied turn out to be incorrect we will still fix the suit at our cost.

Unlike some other online suit retailers we are not talking about a $50 alteration refund or a $75 instore voucher. If your new jacket doesn’t fit we will pay the full amount to have it altered or arrange for a replacement suit.

I trust that gives you the confidence to order your new jacket knowing that in the unlikely event that if a problem does arise with your new jacket it will be fixed at no cost to you. For more information about our "No Worries Guarantee" everything you need to know is explained in great detail HERE.

So instead of buying that cheap mass produced off the rack jacket at your local department store or suit shop, treat yourself to a fully tailored jacket custom made to your measurements and design and guaranteed to fit at half the price.



Ordering is easy just select the type of canvas you require from the dropdown list below then push the "Buy Now" button. The checkout process will ask for delivery details and you can pay via Credit Card, PayPay or Bank Transfer.

Soon after you purchase the suit we will send you an email with everything you need. However, if you prefer to download the forms in advance of placing your order you can do so HERE. The link also explains the measurement and ordering process in more detail however if you need anything clarified don't be afraid to CONTACT US.

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