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Three Piece Men's Suit with extra trousers (AF)

Price: Starting at: $2,299.00

Three Piece Men\'s Suit with extra trousers (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suit with extra trousers (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suit with extra trousers (AF)

Three Piece Men\'s Suit with extra trousers (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suit with extra trousers (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suit with extra trousers (AF)

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When Ausfine kindly offered me some sample fabric I asked for enough to make a two trousered suit. Despite having a suit collection that most would envy and new ones arriving regularly, I wanted this suit to have two pair of trousers. I've said a number of times this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that goes for me as well. I will be very surprised if I ever own another suit of this quality again. Like most people, suits costing anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 are well out of my price range and I want to make this suit last to the day I leave this mortal life.

This is the full package for this superb suit. Jacket, vest and two pair of trousers means you're ready for any occasion. Ask anyone who has visited Savile Row in London and they will tell you how easy it is to spend 5,000 English Pounds ($8,000 US dollars) on a suit and my valuation of five to ten grand for a hand stitched bespoke suit of this quality is far from fanciful. Here we are offering the full four pieces out of this magnificent fabric from as low as $2299.

This isn't an everyday suit. Superfine wools such as this aren't designed to be worn to the office on a daily basis. This is the suit you wear on those times when you need to look special. Perhaps meeting that big client for the first time, the AGM when you're presenting yourself to shareholders or perhaps that big family gathering when you want to make the big impression. I don't think I'd wear this suit more than five or six times a year and I want to make sure I'll get my thirty or so years out of it so two trousers make perfect sense. It's a small extra investment for such a long period. Make no mistake, wear this suit sparingly and treat it right and you will get 20 or 30 years out of it. Suits of this quality are made to last and actually look and fit better each time you wear it as the high quality full canvas moulds itself around your body shape.

I understand that two grand for a suit over the internet is a big ask. Try as I may, it's hard to convince a cynical suit buyer just how extraordinary these suits are when all you have is the written word. However, you can believe me when I tell you that the first time you wear this suit you will understand just how special it is. Fabric of this quality is a rare thing and when it is available it's normally prohibitively expensive for the normal suit buyer. Add to this the experience of full hand tailoring. An experienced craftsman sitting at his workbench with a needle and thread making 4,000 or more individual handmade stitches and crafting the suit with the experienced eye the way only a master artisan can.

Handmade suits by specialist bespoke tailors don't come cheap at the best of times. Have a look at some of the bespoke tailors website where they offer suits at $3,000 or more and see how many say they are fully hand stitched. They don't because they are machine stitched. It's far to expensive in western society to pay a master tailor for the 50 plus hours it takes to make a suit like this. Add to this some of the best Australian merino wool ever produced and it's easy to see how you can easily approach the $10,000 mark for a suit of this outstanding quality.

We bought the remaining Ausfine wool at a substantial discount to the normal wholesale price and we are taking advantage the substantially lower Asian labour costs to produce this extremely limited offer. We have enough Ausfine wool to make around 120 suits and once it's gone there is no more. Consider there are over 3 billion men on this planet and you start to understand just how exclusive this suit will be.

The pictures of the suits in this listing are not of the actual fabrics (stocks are too limited to make sample suits) but rather representations of only some of the styles available to you. As all our suits are fully custom made to order you're not limited to what's available off the rack. You can fully design your own suit (we will help you if needed). Pick your lapels, pockets, vents etc and have your suit made the way you want it.

If you have ever wanted a world class suit but though you could never afford it then don't miss this very limited chance. I do not believe I will ever be able to offer a suit of this quality anywhere near this price again. You can see the available fabrics HERE. Some of the choices are extremely limited in quantity and those that order first will have the widest choice. Don't forget that this suit comes with our No Worries Guarantee so you can be confident that your suit will fit when it arrives and if it doesn't we will arrange to have it altered at no further cost to yourself so there is no risk of ending up with an ill fitting suit.

All you need to do is push the buy now button, go through the checkout process and we will send you everything you need to complete your order and have this world class suit delivered to your door.

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