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Three Piece Men's Suits (AF)

Price: Starting at: $1,899.00

Three Piece Men\'s Suits (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suits (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suits (AF)

Three Piece Men\'s Suits (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suits (AF)
Three Piece Men\'s Suits (AF)

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This is a very limited opportunity to buy a suit of this extremely high quality at the same price you would pay for a machine made suit at a department store. A suit that's completely hand stitched by true craftsmen tailors and made from some of the best wool ever grown. This package includes the jacket, trousers and a vest for which you would normally pay anywhere between five and ten grand for this fully hand made suit crafted out of some of the finest high quality Australian merino wool ever produced. Now you can own this truly beautiful suit and get change out of two grand.

You can read more about the true quality of Ausfine Wool at this BLOG POST.

This is an unbelievable price for a suit of this standard and is more than likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Elite Suits is all about offering the best value for your dollar and we are now offering you the chance to purchase a true high end suit at, in many cases, less than you would pay for a machine made designer label suit made in a factory that pumps out thousands of the same suit every month. I can tell you that I would rather pay $1,599 for this fully hand stitched suit than $2,195 for this factory made suit or even $1,895 for this one. Seriously, it's not even a close contest. Made to measure versus off the rack. Tailor made as opposed to factory made, hand stitched instead of machine stitched out of a true world class fabric and all this for $600 cheaper.

Are you now beginning to understand what a true bargain this suit is? Ask anyone who has visited Savile Row in London and they will tell you how easy it is to spend 5,000 English Pounds ($8,000 US dollars) on a suit and my valuation of five to ten grand for a hand stitched bespoke suit of this quality is far from fanciful. I'm fortunate enough to own some beautiful suits including fabrics such as Holland & Sherry, Taylor & Lodge and Dormeuil. As magnificent as these fabrics are, there is no comparison to this. Ausfine were kind enough to supply me with a fabric sample which I immediately sent to the tailors to have made into a suit. The very first time you put on the jacket you immediately realise this is something very special.

If you have ever wanted a world class bespoke quality suit but thought you could never afford it don't miss this opportunity. We have the final pieces of the pattern runs and once they are gone they are gone forever. I do not believe I will ever be able to offer a suit of this quality anywhere near this price again. You can see the available fabrics HERE. Some of the choices are extremely limited in quantity and those that order first will have the widest choice.

The pictures of the suits in this listing are not of the actual fabrics (stocks are too limited to make sample suits) but rather representations of only some of the styles available to you. As all our suits are fully custom made to order you're not limited to what's available off the rack. You can fully design your own suit (we will help you if needed). Pick your lapels, pockets, vents etc and have your suit made the way you want it.

Not only are we using world class fabric but also world class tailors that specialise in making these absolute top quality suits on behalf of the world's best bespoke tailors. Our Almost Bespoke Package will result in a suit that any man will be proud to own and every other man will envy. This is a great garment that every professional who needs a suit should have in his wardrobe.

However, I must admit that it's our Rockstars & Royalty Package that I'm most proud of. To have such a prestigious fashion house that normally only makes full bespoke suits agree to make suits for us on a made to measure basis is a real coup for Elite Suits customers and certainly worth the extra few dollars for those who can stretch the budget that far.

All you need to do is push the buy now button, go through the checkout process and we will send you everything you need to complete your order and have this world class suit delivered to your door.

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