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 Huddersfield Cloth Specials

Huddersfield Cloth is one of England's finest wool merchants. They are right in the heart of Yorkshire which is considered the world over as being the home of the finest English suiting cloth.

They supply some of the greatest bespoke tailors all over the world, from Savile Row to Hong Kong with English cloth from the famous mills in the Huddersfield/Bradford area. They are not normally cheap either with most of their extremely high quality bespoke cloth far more expensive the some of the big name brands.

Every week they have an end of line special where they sell the remaining stocks of fabrics at amazingly reduced prices, sometimes up to 85% off the normal selling price. Stocks are strictly limited and once it's all sold the special ends.

You can read more about these beautiful suits HERE.

 Stop Press - More fabrics available

The management of Huddersfield Cloth have been impressed with the amount of orders we have made and have now given us access to all their remaining stock of the special offers. There are now over 50 different fabrics to choose from in various styles, colours, weaves and wool type

You can see the full range of fabrics HERE and there is something for everyone. To give you an indication of just what great value these cloths are we have put our normal selling price under each one. This is the price we would sell the suit for if we had to pay the normal trade price for the wool. If we had to pay the normal trade force for these cloths most of the suits would sell for $2,499 so you can save $1.500 of our already low prices. Remember though this is the price we would sell for with all the cost savings of being internet based. If we had all the extra costs of running a store such as stock, rent and staff costs just to name a few, we would have to charge at least double that price if not more.

This means that you could buy a suit that you would expect to pay over $5,000 for at your local tailors for only $999. It's not for the fainthearted though, you need to buy while they are available and stocks are extremely limited.

To make it even better value you can add a fully canvassed Milan Collection suit which we normallly sell for $568 for only $199. That's only $1,198 for two beautiful suits or onlt $599 each. Read more about this spectacular offer HERE.

There is also the facility to pick up an extra pair of trousers (something I would definately recommend to all) or a vest at these once off prices. Please make sure you pick the same tailoring standard for all your selection.


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