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Almost Bespoke Tailoring



You see the term “bespoke” all over the web when it comes to suits. The fact is though you can’t buy a bespoke suit over the web. All custom tailored suits on the internet are made to measure.

I would actually prefer not to have the word “bespoke” on the whole Elite Suits website. However, while that may sound good in practice; in the real world it’s not practical. People use the word bespoke on Google and other search engines. In fact it’s one of the top search terms. They may mean “made to measure” but many search for bespoke. By not using it you miss a lot of traffic and in today’s ever more competitive world you need as much traffic to your site as you can get.

Any decent bespoke suit is going to cost you three grand or more. It’s the nature of the beast. Making a great suit is labour intensive and it takes time and money. Furthermore, high quality fabric is costing more and more every year.

Somebody who is prepared to pay $3,000 plus for a suit isn’t going to buy off us or any other internet retailer. People who buy suits for that type of money are after that absolutely perfect fit that can only be achieved by an experienced tailor conducting a number of fittings at each stage of construction. People who buy true bespoke are also after the whole experience that buying these type of suits provide.

So while most of us don’t want to pay three, five or even ten thousand dollars for a suit that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the world’s best wool and superior suitmaking standards.

It was always our intention to go into the best fabrics available. Elite Suits has already established a reputation of being able to supply both budget and mid priced suits at amazing value for money prices. Quality suits far better than what you find in stores for around half the price. We have also encouraged our customers to use the savings to buy a better suit. Higher grade wools, full hand canvas instead of the cheaper fused canvas, handmade or even fully hand stitched instead of machine made.

Now we take the next step in our evolution by offering world’s best wools combined with some of the world’s best suitmakers to offer Elite Suits customers suits far better than available in stores at astonishingly low prices for suits of this quality.

This is the culmination of nearly a year’s work. Not only did we have to locate the wool but we had to find tailors experienced in working with this type of wool and capable of producing suits to world’s best standards.

We already had arrangements with a number of tailors all over Asia however none of them were considered for these suits. You don’t use full bespoke tailors to make suits from polyester fabric and you don’t send very expensive wool to tailors that do make suits for polyester.

So we needed specialist tailors. Ones with workshops where they only handmake suits by tailors with years, if not decades, of experience. Where they use the best trimmings and not some cheap rubbish that’s only going to cheapen the suit.

This is one such tailor. Just imagine a true craftsmen sititng in his workshop with a needle and thread and making over three thousand precise hand stiches into your jacket alone. Hand fitting the full handmade canvas, handmaking the sleeves, collar and lapels and stitching them exactly into place with a skill that can’t be taught and only acquired by years of experience. Putting real working buttons and buttonholes on the cuffs and lapels then handstiching the lapels, vents and pockets.

This is how a true artisan tailor makes a suit and how they have been making them for centuries. These are truly world’s best tailors and we are extremely fortunate that they agreed to join the Elite Suits family.

This house of fine tailoring contract out their services to bespoke tailors all over the world and some of the finest suits on the planet were cut and basted in their workshop before being sent to some of the world’s most respected bespoke tailors.  (A baste is a half-made suit that is not properly finished and only temporarily held together with white baste stitching. This allows it to be easily taken apart and remade. The basted garment has unfinished lapels, no buttons and no buttonholes)

We are proud to now offer the tailoring skills, knowledge that can only be acquired by decades of experience in quality suitmaking to Elite Suits customers.




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