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The latest sleek modern "Slim Fit" look on the streets today

Thanks to such famed designers as Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, John Varvatos, and DKNY, sits are clinging to New York city's male population with cleaner lines, a more structured look and a slimmer fit. With different styling to its more traditional Savile Row or Italian counterparts, the New York Suit is perfect for the younger executive and those that wish to display their individual sense of fashion. Designed to fit in equally well on the trading floor in Wall Street to the trendy Manhattan bars, it’s a suit for those who want to be noticed.

Some people say that slim fit clothes are for the slender, the bony, the gaunt, the svelte, as well as the lanky and lean, the meager and scrawny, the skinny and spare, or the light-in-the-seat. Actually slim fitting clothes can be for anyone who wants to wear them. Clothing manufacturers make it a point to design slim fit suits, slim fit dress and sports shirts, and slim fit jeans that almost any body size can wear.

One further benefit of the slim fit suit is the lower price. Unlike other high fashion suits, polyester isn't an enemy. In fact it provides the strength needed to hold the shape and form of the slimmer cut. It also provides that "sheen" seen in the latest slim fit designer suits so don't be frightened of using a wool/polyester blend fabric for your new slim fit suit. However, a word of warning, this has led to a flood of factory made suits with high (or even 100%) polyester counts hitting the market. They also use the cheaper fused canvas where the suit is basically glued to the inner lining. While you may get away with a fused canvas in a normal suit, the slimmer fit designs will quickly lose their shape especially with repeated dry cleaning. Our recommendation is that you use the savings from the less expensive fabrics to enhance the construction of your suit.

The New York Collection suits are all hand-made quality garments. Built around a floating chest canvass. Hand felled linings, hand moulded shoulders, hand sewn cross stitch buttons and a double stitched inside lining are features of our hand-made suits that you won't find in a factory made suits. Handpicked stitching on lapels and vents and working buttonholes (or surgeons' cuffs) are also available at no extra charge. All suits in the New York Collection come in a range of fabrics, colours and pattern which can be viewed HERE

Simply pick the appropriate Price from the drop down menu above and include the fabric code with the purchase email. (If you're not sure what to do send me an email)

About Us

To show you the fantastic value available at Elite Suits, every suit purchased from the New York Collection  now comes with a second pair of trousers absolutely free of charge.

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