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The Rome Collection



Classic Italian style is always in fashion

Think of top designer suits and you automatically think of Italy. When it comes to men’s clothing Italian suits enjoy an unparalleled position in terms of the style that they have to offer. Home to many of the most recognisable world class design houses  If you are looking to make a fashion statement with your attire then there is nothing more effective than an Italian Suit.

In terms of style Italian suits are a benchmark in their own right. This is largely due to the way they are stitched and the custom style does wonders to increase the appearance of the wearer. The godfathers of Italian tailored men's fashion are a unique and intriguing breed. These trusted old-school tailors can be somewhat egocentric, even downright stubborn. Yet their enigmatic work habits are the key to their mastery of the trade. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing mechanisation of suitmaking under the guise of “progress”, the world has been left with a great shortage of these talented artisans; the few who remain form an exclusive group that takes great pride in the meticulous handwork required to create a fine garment. Like their counterparts on Savile Row, Italian tailors cut and sew every lapel, pocket, sleeve and collar completely by hand.  Our mission at Elite Suits is to stand firm against the invasion of the factory made suiting in order to preserve the tradition of fine hand tailoring. To offer suits built around a “full floating canvass” which once was, and still should be, the starting point of any professionally tailored suit but has been replaced by mass produced “fused canvassing” where the suit is basically glued together using a vegetable gum base.

We’ll show that having a suit hand made is affordable to everyone. You can have a suit tailored to fit you exactly and styled in the traditional Italian fashion at a price far less than you’d pay for an ill fitting “off the rack suit” that will start to fall apart the first time you have it dry cleaned.

Choose your style from the traditional Italian design to the latest slim fit fashions and leave yourself a little time to pick from the hundreds of choices of top grade English and   Italian wool which can be viewed here.

Each of the Rome Collection suits are available in both a the bespoke style handmade version and a hand-stitched version where the suit is completely made by hand and machine stitching is only used to reinforce the seams. Due to the large amount of extra labour involved fully hand stitched suits cost a little more. Guys if the budget can stretch that far then spend the money it’s something you will never regret. These bespoke style hand-stitched suits just ooze an undefinable quality that you’ll never find in a store bought suit and with the right care this suit will remain wearable for a lifetime and we know that classic Italian style never goes out of fashion.

A bespoke tailor would change thousands to make a fully hand stitched suit out of top grade Italian wool yet now you can have one made to your individual measurements for less than your local department store will charge you for a decent factory made suit.

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